Thursday, October 4, 2012


Here are a few snapshots of my recently acquired Manga Realiaztion BAOH figure.

Yes, this is indeed a full fledged action figure with all the articulation that you'd expect from a figure. Bandai, however, also included a set of pre-posed lower legs (from the waist down) that you can swap out with the articulated ones to create a more dynamic pose (one that you can't actually achieve with the figure's regular articulation) that fits perfectly onto the pegs located on the diorama's base.

I will hopefully get around to doing a real review on this figure-- along with some more info on it-- once I begin my action figure reviews.

Anyway-- on to the photos!!

Bandai Manga Realization BAOH figure
 The diorama base (something we need to come with more action figures!) is a giant severed mandrill head!!

Bandai Manga Realization BAOH figure 
 Baoh comes with multiple hands and arm blades, including these blood covered ones. Simply brilliant!!

Bandai Manga Realization BAOH figure
 Since this figure was sculpted by hyper-talented S.I.C. sculptor Takayuki Takeya it shares many of S.I.C.'s design tricks. All the flesh on the upper torso is cast in transparent plastic and then painted. This is most beautifully evident on the head sculpt(s).

Bandai Manga Realization BAOH figure
All of the blood on both Baoh and the mandrill's severed head (and tongue) are also cast in a deep transparent red plastic giving this piece an intense, high-end, collector's look.

Bandai Manga Realization BAOH figure

Having been a huge fan of Baoh since the early 90's when Viz Comics imported the original mangas, as well as the bloody gore-infested OVA's, finally having a figure of this level of quality (and size, it stand nearly 8") is like a dream come true.

Sadly, even though there are so many characters from this era that could fit perfectly into Bandai's Manga Realization line, they don't seem to be doing much-- if anything-- with it. 

I would love to see a new line of Guyver figure! I can't even begin to imagine what Takayuki Takeya's version of Devilman and Seline would be like! (Although I have to think it would be very much like Nirasawa's, who is obviously Takeya's main influence.) 

This figure is just about as perfect as they come-- fingers crossed that Bandai does something more with this line.


  1. Great figure! Hopefully I'll be able to get this soon! Lowest price I found was $72 from Japan.

    1. That's a pretty good price! Certainly well worth it-- especially if you're a Baoh fan. I'd recommend grabbing him at that price!